General Summary of Washington, DC Name Change Laws

The Courts are often willing to accept name changes for almost any legitimate reason. However, the granting of a Petition for Change of Name is discretionary with the Court. For an order of name change to be granted, the Court must find compliance with the requirements of notice and the requirements for the allegations in the Petition. The Court must also find good and sufficient reason for the change and find the change consistent with the public interest.

You cannot change your name for a fraudulent reason, such as to avoid debts, you cannot change to a name that could affect the rights of another person, such as a celebrity, and you cannot use a curse word as part of your name.

Again, please remember, our name change materials are designed to cover a simple, uncontested name changes ONLY. Our products/services should not be used if you have been convicted of a felony, have claimed bankruptcy and/or have judgments/liens against you. Instead, you should consider contacting an attorney in your area. These circumstances could cause complications which may result in your action being denied and/or contested.

Washington, DC Name Change Laws

Title 16 Particular Actions, Proceedings and Matters

Chapter 25 Change of Name

§ 16-2501. Application; persons who may file.

Whoever, being a resident of the District and desiring a change of name, may file an application in the Superior Court setting forth the reasons therefor and also the name desired to be assumed. If the applicant is an infant, the application shall be filed by his parent, guardian, or next friend. (Dec. 23, 1963, 77 Stat. 595, Pub. L. 88-241, § 1; July 29, 1970, 84 Stat. 560, Pub. L. 91-358, title I, § 145(i); 1973 Ed., § 16-2501.) D.C. Code Ann. § 16-2501 (1999)

§ 16-2502. Notice; contents.

Prior to a hearing pursuant to this chapter, notice of the filing of the application, containing the substance and prayer thereof, shall be published once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper in general circulation published in the District. (Dec. 23, 1963, 77 Stat. 595, Pub. L. 88-241, § 1; 1973 Ed., § 16-2502.) D.C. Code Ann. § 16-2502 (1999)

§ 16-2503. Decree.

On proof of the notice prescribed by section 16-2502, and upon a showing that the court deems satisfactory, the court may change the name of the applicant according to the prayer of the application. (Dec. 23, 1963, 77 Stat. 595, Pub. L. 88-241, § 1; 1973 Ed., § 16-2503.) D.C. Code Ann. § 16-2503 (1999)

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